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Hiya, I’m Lindsay and I help people like you to get out of the yoyo dieting trap, and start training effectively, to get the results you’ve always wanted.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work? Or maybe you have achieved results in the past but couldn’t seem to maintain it?

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Why? Because I've been there and know this struggle

Like many of you, I struggled with dieting for years. I felt like I always had to put in more effort but never seemed to get the results. Years of failed attempts and following misinformation left me feeling lost and defeated. And each new plan worsened my relationship with food, to exercise, and more importantly, with myself.

My why, is that I want to give you the guidance that I needed all those years ago. This is why I do what I do, this is why I love my work.

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What I can offer you


By working with me in my 1-1 coaching, we work together to find a plan that suits your life. I’m there to provide you with the guidance and support you need to finally stop spinning your wheels. 

I’ll help you cut through misinformation and redirect your efforts so you’re focused on the right things, the things that are going to get you the results you’ve always wanted.

My aim is to teach, with both honesty and compassion, so you don’t fall back into old patterns that kept you feeling stuck for so long.

How does it work?

  • Find Me!
    You've already taken the first step just by finding me
  • Free Consultation Call
    Click the "let's work together" button and fill out the short form to book in for your free consultation call.
  • What Hasn't Worked Before
    Here is where we figure out what you've tried before, what hasn't worked and what's holding you back. From there we create a plan together that works around your lifestyle. (Remember if you can't maintain the behaviour, you probably won't maintain the results!)
  • Check In & Review
    Through weekly check ins and 1-1 dedicated support, we work together to give you with the knowledge and accountability to get the results you want and often to unpack some of those mental barriers that have prevented you making the progress in the past.
  • What do I need from you?
    I'm a firm believer that you get back what you put in. I'm here to help you focus your efforts on the right things, so you don't find yourself being derailed by all the misinformation in the health and fitness world!

Client Results

Unlike the popular belief, some photos don't speak a thousand words. They just scratch the surface… Here's what they had to say:

This weekend marks 6 months of a health transformation for me AND a whole big 10 years since my spinal fusion! I literally feel so much better and so much happier and I couldn’t thank Lindsay enough for
guiding me through the last 6 months and helping me smash all my goals. You’ve literally changed me and l’m so excited to continue life as a gym girl. 10 years ago I could guess where id be, my current situ would have literally been a dream. 



Since you coached me, I feel like l’m in the best shape I have ever been in. Not sure what’s clicked with me but I have ended up eating all round better and healthier options through choice not because I feel like I have to. I still have cheesecake, chocolate etc in moderation but I no longer feel bad about it when I do. I enjoy it and then the next day eat as normal instead of skipping breakfast etc. I’m mentally a lot happier and feel I have a bit more control of my life in general because I can say no to foods I don’t want and yes to foods I do without feeling the guilt of it. I think just having you to talk to really helped because you just get it, life’s not always straight forward and you never once made me feel bad about times I wasn’t 100 percent on it (and we still managed to achieve my goals). So mentally, I feel like now, I can really do this



Working with Lindsay over the last 12 weeks has completely reset my thoughts and feeling regarding food and nutrition. After 10+ years of having a very unhealthy relationship with food she’s helped me to stop demonising “bad” foods and helped me take accountability for what I am putting into my body and helped me

properly fuel my body to gain the most from my workouts. Although I’ve been weight training for 3 years already, the expert advice from Lindsay has helped me increase my strength massively. 

This 12 weeks has been the longest I have ever stuck to a “diet” but it’s not a diet at all, it’s a complete mindset change. Consistency doesn’t have to be 100% all the time and that is what Lindsay has really helped me with



This girl has inspired me to be the best version of me, over though I didn’t have the confidence in myself when I first started. If it wasn’t for Lindsays experience and guidance, I’d probably have given up. Anyone considering starting the gym and lifting weights, she’s your girl.



I decided to join Lindsays coaching as I wanted to lose a little weight and gain some confidence in the gym. She taught that it isn’t always about your weight on the scales and showed me how to change my shape by making tweaks to my diet and training. She made it so personal and pushed me more than I thought I could. I love the changes that her plan continues to make to my body and my wellbeing. I now absolutely love lifting weights and
can’t believe I never tried it before. She’s fab! Wouldn’t go to anyone else.



Would just like to thank you for all the amazing help, advice and support you have given me. I have honestly learned so much. Now going forward myself I feel like I have confidence and knowledge to keep going and make better food and fitness choices. I now have way more confidence in the gym and I enjoy resistance training. One HUGE non scale victory for my is not obsessing about the number on the scale and realising that the number on the scale isn’t the main indicator of progress.




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